I have worked on various side projects that are either published on Github Pages or are in my Github Repo. Feel free to take a look! These are typically smaller apps that are not fully-blown websites but incorporate a lot of different coding elements like AJAX, Firebase databases, Greensock animations, Sass, Callback functions, etc. Below are the screenshots of the published apps.

  • Connected to NoSQL database (Firebase)
  • Implemented JavaScript functions to generate new ingredients or directions
  • Used callback functions to create, read, edit or delete recipes
  • Created a responsive design
  • Utilized component structure of React to pass information
  • Familiarized myself with React setup and structure
  • For more similar projects, here's an interactive map and here's a monster.
  • Used JSON and jQuery to retrieve dynamic data
  • Incorporated callback functions so data loaded only when ready
  • Used JSON and JavaScript fetch method to access data
  • Used forEach loop to determine what data to display
  • Used JSON and AJAX via XMLHttpRequest to access data
  • Effectively utilized third-party JSON data within app
  • Implemented HTML, Less, jQuery, JSON in this basic static page
  • Branded logo, look of mock-up page


If you’re interested in working with me, send me a quick message and let me know what I can do for you!