In this project, I used PHP and SQL to create a database-driven website. The website lists mythical creatures and if you are logged in, you can add any of the creatures to your favorites page. Admin have special privileges, including adding, editing and deleting creatures. Below are some screenshots or you can go to the website.

  • Connected to database to retrieve and display information about the creatures
  • Used flex box to efficiently display cards with the creature picture and name
  • Incorporated AJAX search bar in navigation if user wants to search via name or description
  • Utilized cookies across controllers to store favorites when a user is logged in
  • Passed parameters to view pages to display logged out versus logged in nav bar options.
  • Created user object to organize MVC pattern between creatures and users
  • Used post method to retrieve user data input and store user in database
  • Implemented try, throw, catch method along with html error handling for security
  • Passed creature id as third parameter in url to display specific creature details
  • Admin access will display edit and delete buttons as an option
  • Admins can also add a creature which will show as an option in the nav bar


If you’re interested in working with me, send me a quick message and let me know what I can do for you!